"The EPIClipse Experience Lunch"  and "The after glow Party"      on August 21, 2017. 

All photos are from our event!

We had visitors from ALL over the US and Canada.

All together we had representation from 2 other countries (Australia and Canada),  22 states, and DC. Guests came from 13 different cities across Tennessee, 11 cities across Texas, 6 cities in Ohio/New York/New Jersey/Penn/Alabama/Maryland/Michigan/Kentucky, 3 groups from Washington,DC, 2 cities in Mississippi, Illinois, Virginia, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Minnesota, South Dakota, New Hampshire, and California! We certainly hope that all our new friends from Texas are all OK. Many thoughts and prayers. UPDATE: We have heard from several groups in Texas that they are all OK, but we haven't heard from all of them. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

"The EPIClipse Experience " Lunch was from 11:30am - 3pm.                                                                                                                 Chef Christopher and his team served a Celestial Buffet with assorted offerings from the grill to include Rib Eye Steaks, Chicken, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly choices and much more. The EPIClipse Experience took place in the Courtyard of EPIC with perfectly clear skies and typical Tennessee heat and humidity.

We got to experience everything from Baily's Beads, the Diamond Ring, crescents shadowing through the trees, and even Shadow Bands, a rarely seen phenomena!!! Many were brought to tears.

The EPIClipse After Glow Party was a FUN time with Spangler Entertainment playing a great mix of music and dancing in a club-like atmosphere. There was a multitude of Food Stations showcasing Chef Christopher's Talents and Patty Cake's amazing confections. We had a Slide Show of the Eclipse so that even if you missed the actual event you can still Experience the EPIClipse.

The Professional Photos were taken by Tony Young Photography, and there are also several that were provided by our guests.

Partial phase begins at approximately 11:59am, Totality approximately from 1:27 - 1:29pm, and Partial phase ends approximately 2:54pm.