Charity Events, Sports Banquets, Proms, Family or Class Reunions...We can make it EPIC!

EPIC Hospitality Group (EPIC Event Centre and Chef Christopher's Catering) takes great pride in supporting the community that we serve. Last year we serviced 28 different Charity events, with varying degrees of donation for each. These events include such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, Nurses for Newborns, Volunteer Equine Advocates, Leadership Sumner, The Boy Scout’s of America, and multiple events for the Sumner County Schools. (just to name a few) Most of these events we do year after year but they are not guaranteed. Each organization must re-submit this application each year. We proudly give back to our community and each year exceed our marketing and donation budgets to do so.

If you would like for us to donate to or discount your event, please call our Sales Staff for availability at 615-452-1912 and for an application for donation. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to your organization but please also understand that we simply cannot fulfill every request. We receive requests on a weekly basis, and just as you do not dedicate your time to every “cause”, we have had to make hard choices as to how we can support the majority of them. As stated previously, we exceed our marketing and donation budgets each year.

Because we support so many different organizations we have set the following guidelines...We will not donate/discount during our busy seasons . This is when we make our profits that get us through the slower months. Our staff is often in overtime and we would be turning away our targeted customer in order to support your event . If you would like for your event to be seriously considered for a discounted rate or donation then do not schedule your event during the months of April, May, June, Sept , Oct, or Dec . And also consider a day of the week that is not Saturday.

Contact our Sales team for your application for donation and to check availability for your event. 615-452-1912.